Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Mom's Birthday

This year for my moms's birthday, me and my friend, Jaycee decided to do a big surprise for her. We decided to decorate the family room with streamers and balloons and stuff like that. Afer school on Tuesday, Jaycee went to party city to buy the stuff. When my mom and I were picking up the kids, she called me and asked for me to come over and blow up balloons.I thought she bought maybe fifty balloons but, she bought 144 and we blew up ALL of them. On Wednesday (my mom's birthday) after school, we were so anxious for my mom to leave. When she fianlly left, we ran to my garage to get the balloons we had in their. After we set those on the floor, we waited for Jaycee's mom to bring the rest of the decorations. We had decided on my mom's favorite color combinaions, red, black, and white. When her mom came, we went straight to work. We had my cousin Kyara hang up all the high stuff. When my mom came home, she was very happy. She told me that my siblings and dad were helping me stall her. Katie was walking and untying her shoes and then says " My shoe's untied". Sara was telling my mom that she had to go to the bathroom soo bad she was about to explode. Jimmy just randomly layed in the grass. I called my mom saying frantialy that I need conditioner. Finally, my dad just told her t stay in the park until I call saying that she can come home. In made nicknames.
Mom- Hawk
Dad- White Rhino
Eberly- Eagle
Jaycee- Dolphin
Katie- Cheetah
Sara- Bunny
Jimmy- Turtle
Kyara- Bull
when hawk is on way home- Hawks on way to nest
when hawk is home- Hawk's at the nest
( yes, I did the animals also)

Gus Gus- Gus Gus
Sparky- Coolio Cat
I think that I can throw a pretty good surprise.