Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My first concert

A while ago I went to my first concert.I went to go see Mayday Parade. I took one of my friends named Sarah . It was at the House of Blues San DIego. It was really nice. It was nice and small so there wasn't as many people as a bigger place. When I first got there I saw that the band was giving autographs. I was so excited. So my mom and dad bought Sarah and I a t shirt. They also gave us a little poster thing so that they could sign it. It was so cool meeting them. The drummer was really nice. SO after that we waited for the concert to start. When it started the Secret Handshake was up first. It was louder than I expected. Then it was Set your goals. They were really loud. THey made a mosh pit. Then after that The Academy is.... played it was pretty cool but my dad and Sarah thought that the lead singer was annoying. then finally Mayday Parade played. They were so good. It was my favorite band. At the very last song confetti came up and there was balls bouncing around. Then when they left the stage the crowd (plus me) yelled" ONE MORE SONG" and then they came out and played one more song. It was the best first concert ever.