Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I have a pure  bred German Shepard. Her name is Bella. Bella means beautiful in Portuguese. Bella is the most beautiful pure bred German Shepard I have ever seen. Bella is very protective. whenever we go on walks and she can see a bad person she starts barking and tugging. She is very easy to walk. Whenever we go on a family walk she herds everyone. She is my favorite dog that I have ever owned. She is so sweet and loving. I am very glad I own her.  


We now have a new member of the family. We now have a baby finch named Trigger. we got them from Aunt Julie and Uncle Reed. Thanks. We did have one named Rusty but he died. Trigger is wight  with a little bit of brown. She kind of looks like a bald eagle. She is very sweet. I love her a lot. Jimmy and Papa went shopping to get stuff for the birds. When they got back they had this huge cage. They are really small and they  are going to stay small for the rest of their of their lives.Jimmy and Papa said that the cage was the smallest cage they could find. I am very happy that we had Trigger in our family.