Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Mom's Birthday

This year for my moms's birthday, me and my friend, Jaycee decided to do a big surprise for her. We decided to decorate the family room with streamers and balloons and stuff like that. Afer school on Tuesday, Jaycee went to party city to buy the stuff. When my mom and I were picking up the kids, she called me and asked for me to come over and blow up balloons.I thought she bought maybe fifty balloons but, she bought 144 and we blew up ALL of them. On Wednesday (my mom's birthday) after school, we were so anxious for my mom to leave. When she fianlly left, we ran to my garage to get the balloons we had in their. After we set those on the floor, we waited for Jaycee's mom to bring the rest of the decorations. We had decided on my mom's favorite color combinaions, red, black, and white. When her mom came, we went straight to work. We had my cousin Kyara hang up all the high stuff. When my mom came home, she was very happy. She told me that my siblings and dad were helping me stall her. Katie was walking and untying her shoes and then says " My shoe's untied". Sara was telling my mom that she had to go to the bathroom soo bad she was about to explode. Jimmy just randomly layed in the grass. I called my mom saying frantialy that I need conditioner. Finally, my dad just told her t stay in the park until I call saying that she can come home. In made nicknames.
Mom- Hawk
Dad- White Rhino
Eberly- Eagle
Jaycee- Dolphin
Katie- Cheetah
Sara- Bunny
Jimmy- Turtle
Kyara- Bull
when hawk is on way home- Hawks on way to nest
when hawk is home- Hawk's at the nest
( yes, I did the animals also)

Gus Gus- Gus Gus
Sparky- Coolio Cat
I think that I can throw a pretty good surprise.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I had an awesome Christmas this year. On Christmas Eve, my mom's side of the family came to our house. One of the traditions that we have for my mom's side of the family is that we have In and Out for dinner. I love that tradition. Once we were done with dinner, we went on to the balcony to see the space station go over our house. It looked like a bright star that was moving across the sky. When we could not see the space station anymore. it was present time. we had so much presents that night. I got a lot of cool presents. I got slippers, earings, giftcards, and alot of other stuff. I also got the coolest pajama pants ever from my parents. They were covered with football helmets from all the different football teams When all the presents were unwrapped, it was dessert time. My mom made apple pie and my dad made chocolate pudding pie. I had apple pie. We also had caramel apple cider which was really good. Once everybody left, it was bedtime. We left cookies, carrots, and a glass of milk for Santa to drink. We left a bowl of carrots and a bowl of water for the reindeer. I had a hard time going to sleep that night, but I finally fell asleep. When I woke up, i had to wait with my siblings for my nana to come. So after maybe 10 minutes of waiting, we were aloud to go downstairs. When we got down there, the Christmas was packed with presents. We asked our parents if we should go get our stockings, but they said that we should save the stockings for last. I got a lot of cool presents. I got a cute ramen bowls, a ticket album, a lot of clothes, black boots, a sproles jersey, and a lot more. Once all the presents were unwrapped, my parents said that we could go go find our stockings. They said that Santa hid the stockings somewhere. When we got into the living room, i saw the thing I have been really wanting. A bike! I have been wanting a bike for a while. On the bike was a helmet and a backpack with a stocking in it. I was so happy that I got a bike. It was one of myfavorite brands. A mongoose cike. At like one, we left to go to my papa and grammy's house. When we first got there, we opened presents. I got 25 dollars. After we opened the presents, we had christmas dinner. After maybe and hour or two after dinner, w eleft. It was definitly one of the best Christmas ever.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Yesterday was Thanksgiving and it was AWESOME! The first thing we did was we went to my Nana's house to pick up Jimmy and Sara because they had a sleepover. While I was over there I got presents from my Nana because tomorrow is my birthday. I got a grey jacket and a cute 'bracelet. I always love going to my Nana's because I love seeing my family. After we left Nana's, we went home for a little bit then we went to my Papa and Grammy's house. I enjoyed seeing my cousins cause I barely ever see them. After hanging out with Anneli for a little bit, it was dinner time. I always love thanksgiving because I love eating all of the food. I had corn, yams, turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, and stuffing. After dinner, I went and played tag with my siblings and cousins. After an hour of doing that, it was my favorite time of the night. CHEESECAKE TIME! Alright, for those of you who has not tried my grammy's cheesecake, it is the BEST cheesecake ever. I wait for it every year. After we were done with dessert, we played for a little bit then we went home. I really enjoyed Thanksgiving.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My new kitten and guniea pig

I have a new kitten! Well actually we got him like 4 months ago. It is a brown tabby. It is a male and his name is Sid Vicous but we call him Sid. He is a very fun kitten. We got him cause my dad was at work having a call and the person was selling hi and my dad sent a text to my mom and said" Want It"? So the next day we had a kitten. At first we thought it was a girl so we named Nori. Then we figured out that it was a boy. Then we named it Chewy. Then my mom thpought of the name Sid Vicous so we decided on that. Before we got sid we got a guniea pig for katie's birthday. He is small and is lack and white. We got him at the Kahoots pet store here in Escondido. The day we got him when we were in the pet store Katie decided to name it Gus Gus after the fat mouse in Cinderella. I am very glad that we have Gus and Sid.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Yesterday was Fifth Grade Promotion and it was actually quite fun. A lot of people came. Grammy, papa, Ricky, Garret, my mom, my dad, katie, and sara. IT WAS SO HOT! We had to sit at least for 30 minutes in the hot sun. My parents got me Big Yellow Sunflowers that are beutiful. After promotion I had lunch with my friend Emily and her family and my teacher Ms.James. It was a really good lunch. I can not believe that I am going to be a sixth grader after this last day of school!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Waterslide park

I know I havn't posted anything in a while so that is why I am posting this. So last Thursday I went with all the fifth graders to Knotts Soak City. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!! My favorite was the Pacific Spin ( Toilet Bowl). I went on it at least four times. That was the first ride i went on. I went on with one of my best freinds ever ( Kiki and emily). I went on everything. I would say that my second favorite was the Coranado Express ( Colorado River). I am so glad I went.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My first concert

A while ago I went to my first concert.I went to go see Mayday Parade. I took one of my friends named Sarah . It was at the House of Blues San DIego. It was really nice. It was nice and small so there wasn't as many people as a bigger place. When I first got there I saw that the band was giving autographs. I was so excited. So my mom and dad bought Sarah and I a t shirt. They also gave us a little poster thing so that they could sign it. It was so cool meeting them. The drummer was really nice. SO after that we waited for the concert to start. When it started the Secret Handshake was up first. It was louder than I expected. Then it was Set your goals. They were really loud. THey made a mosh pit. Then after that The Academy is.... played it was pretty cool but my dad and Sarah thought that the lead singer was annoying. then finally Mayday Parade played. They were so good. It was my favorite band. At the very last song confetti came up and there was balls bouncing around. Then when they left the stage the crowd (plus me) yelled" ONE MORE SONG" and then they came out and played one more song. It was the best first concert ever.